It’s certainly been an interesting few days for the Bangtan Boys and their fans. To break the monotony (a little sacarsm never hurts) the Star1 mag released a prolific pictorial of the boys and a lenghty interview, through their online portal.


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Given our boys are super athletic and fit, it was fitting the theme of the pictorial is casual-athletic wear.

In a translation provided online, during the interview V was asked, “What is the one strong point that BTS has that other idol groups don’t have?” to which he answered,

“We are fully of craziness. But only when we are in our dorms. The craziness that comes with the freedom is really fun to watch. Especially Jungkook. There is no one who can beat him. He is just funny on its own and he plans jokes for the members to laugh at.”

When asked about his views on personal and romantic relationships, Suga said,

“I don’t feel the need to date. I like working for now. Honestly, there aren’t even that many people I know in Seoul. I don’t really like to meet people and there are still things that I want to achieve so until I’ve achieved them, I have no plans on getting into a relationship.”

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