B.A.P. Is back from, rather with “Honeymoon“. But, the song makes me wonder when the honeymoon started to begin with. Because, it certainly feels like its over, now.

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Seriously, where do I start? At this point it’s basically too much talent in one group. For starters, the mixing wasn’t all there. The transitions between some of the members was too noticeable and came off disjointed occasionally. An example is very early in the MV, as Daehyun takes over from Himchan, and the beat goes from serene to uptempo.

Now, how does Zelo have like three lines? Not really, but it felt that way. And, he certainly made the most of it. It was the most enjoyable, memorable and fun part of the MV, I thought.

Bang Yong Guk, seems more stuck on looking pretty than actually doing anything. “Hey, all I gotta do is look at the camera pretty. And, bang! We gotta million views!” No, Bang, work for it. His part felt sub-standard, like his heart wasn’t in it.

Almost as underwhelming as the result of him hitting that old computer with the bat. Was that intended? Just a scratch on the screen? Idk, but some flying debris would have been exciting to watch.

The vocal-pipe section of the group basically dominated the track, led by Daehyun and backed up by Jongup (and his multi-colored mullet). I felt like I was constantly being beaten over the head with their pipes, I mean voices.

Every now and then, one does need a good beating, in a kpop song. But, with periodic relief. Where was Zelo Once again to ease the beating? Well, that was supposed to be Yongguk’s job. Instead, he made us fall asleep. Seriously, you want to be lucid while getting beat up by Daehyun‘s pipes.

The inclusion of drug paraphernalia in the MV, provides context to the melancholy feeling the song centers around. The lyrics, will offer more context on this (not yet translated, at time of publication).

Hopefully, the intention is to provide context to some of the heart breaking news coming out of Korea, with regard to kpop stars being investigated for offenses that can lead to career-ending scandals. Aside from BigBang’s T.O.P, another casualty is 10 CM’s Yoon Cheol-jong.

It took a second listen to find the beat, which is rooted in euro-pop. It’s not so bad.

Has anyone noticed all the nature-themed MVs that’s suddenly all the rage in kpop. Twice, Exo, lots of others, and now B.A.P It’s like someone figured a way to add Mother Nature as one more member. Or, rather. They figured it’s less expensive to create engaging MVs without the additional cost of a set that becomes useless anyways, after the MV is done.

“Honeymoon” is the lead single from BAP’s 7th single album called “Blue.” The other tracks are “All The Way Up,” and “Rewind.”

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  1. Totally disagree !
    Did you notice on the beginning between Himchan’s and Daehyun parts there is a lil transition ? Also during the “it is like a Honeymoon” chorus (especially the 1st one) did you notice only the instrumental dominate ? Did you notice also the lil “serene” time before Zelo started rapping and melody here was also the same like Daehyun’s part. Daehyun “pipes”? Man you try too hard to be snarky and woke and funny. Tryhardness is never good for a blogger man. Also did you noticed that whenever the pre-choruses end, the pace gets gradually fast (especially during the bridge before the last part) before the choruses drop so that the transitions between “serene” and “quick” parts don’t feel abrupt because the goal of the song is not to stay on the same tone ? At least the song is euro-pop which changes from the typical Tropical House/reggeaton Turdshits kpop artists have bombarded us with.
    About Bang I agree he did not do much.