Cube boy group Beast just released two new lyric videos this week, for their new Japanese singles “Day” and “Night”. Beast released the video for “Freaking Cute”, the A-side track of “Day”, first on July 20, and next released the video for “Whole Lotta Lovin”, from “Night”, on July 22.




This is the first time that Beast will be releasing two Japanese singles within the same week. and their next comeback as a five-member group. Beast recently returned to the Korean music show stage earlier this month, to promote their third full-length album “Highlight”, with its title track “Ribbon” and pre-release track “Butterfly”.




Beast will also be holding another concert tour in Japan this year, titled “Beast Guess Who? Tour”, starting from August 24 in Yokohama and Osaka. The group will perform both their new Korean and Japanese songs live.


Watch Beast’s new videos from their latest Japanese singles here:

Freaking Cute

Whole Lotta Lovin


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