Cube boy group Beast just released the music video for “Ribbon”. Beast uploaded their new video a few hours ago today at midnight of July 4, Korea local time. Last week on June 27, Beast dropped an early pre-release music video for “Butterfly”. Both tracks are from Beast’s new third full-length album “Highlight”, which was also released today.




Over the past week, Beast released two video teasers for “Ribbon”, as well as an audio teaser for the group’s new album “Highlight”. “Ribbon” is a ballad that combines the pop and R&B genres, and was written by Beast’s leader Junhyung. In the video, the members sing about a relationship that failed despite their efforts to save it.





All members of Beast contributed to the creation of their new album “Highlight”, which features 12 new songs including title track “Ribbon” and pre-release song “Butterfly”. Members Junhyung, Yoseob, and Dongwoon all have solo tracks, while Gikwang and Doojoon sung a duet together. This comeback is also Beast’s first without former member Jang Hyunseung, who left the group last April.


Watch Beast’s new video for “Ribbon” here:


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