It’s not that Beenzino has not been working, he has. It’s just that he hasn’t released a full studio album in 3 years. Now, he’s released a mini-album “Up All Night”, singles like “So What”, and collaborated with artists like ‘Lim Kim’, but it doesn’t compare to digesting a whole album of new material from the talented Korean rapper (yes, we’re greedy for Beenz).

Benzino Comeback

Beenzino and Illionaire Records shared a photo of the teaser images for the new album on Instagram along with the message, “The song ‘Break’ will be released at noon on October 9th. ‘Break’ is a new track from Beenzino’s upcoming album.”

Beenzino’s first studio album “24:26″ was released, way back in July of 2012, with “Up All Night” released in July of 2014.

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