Korean Hip-Hop musician, Beenzino begins his second U.S. tour, tonight, Dec. 4 in Seattle, WA at the Showbox Sodo. The other dates are Dec. 5 – San Francisco, CA – The Factory, Dec. 9 – Dallas, TX – Granada Theater, Dec. 11 – Boston, MA – Royale, and Dec. 12 – New York, NY – Stage 482. Before you come to the show, let’s check his recent releases, and the playlists you need to know to enjoy the show!


His recent single “Break” says a lot about his life, thought and ambition. It seems that touring in North America on his own is one of them. His single “Break” was released in October. The song is about how he wants to break his limit of doing things that he wants to do and also people’s thought and opinion about him. He raps that he just wants to live his life without getting any intervention. He can inspire young people to do the same with this catchy song. If there are things you want to do, but there are some barriers that might seems to stop you, you just have to break them. He raps that in the whole song.

Not only because of his music, but because of his relationship with his girlfriend, he has been on spotlight. Many people have been interested in their relationship on social media. According to his recent presence in a television show, they are still meeting and influencing each other in a good way. He said that he started learning German for his girlfriend. His girlfriend, who already has worked as a model, got contract with a Korean agency to start her entertainment career actively. They both seem to be focused on their own career and love.

Before coming to his concerts, knowing some of his songs is needed to enjoy the concerts the most.

1.First song is “Boogie On&On” definitely. Like the title implies having fun at a party or a club, it is about turning up all night. This is the song that made Beenzino who he is now. People started having interest in his music after they listened to this in shows. His live videos of this song went into social media giving him attention.

2. Second song is “Aqua Man” which is also typical, but it is one of most popular Korean Hip-Hop songs. This song is very moody in that a guy whines about a girl who has many male friends and flirts around them. Although he clings to her attractiveness, he sings that her beauty will not last forever. Most people might empathize with this song since there are always this kind of people around.

3. Third song is “Up All Night”, which is also moody. In this song, a guy get so lonely that he tries to find love and something that can fill the void after breaking up with his girlfriend. This cold weather seems to match with the story of the song.

4. “We Are Going To” is next song you should listen to. It is about how tired he gets of daily life. He wants to leave for some warm countries to refresh himself. The tranquil atmosphere of this song helps to feel calm and comfortable.


5. Last song is his recent single, “Break.” When listening to this song, you will feel like breaking something and doing whatever you want. If you are having a bad day, why don’t you listen to this song and get vicarious satisfaction?

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