Choke filled with metaphors, Beenzino releases an immensely creative music video for his new single “Break.” Visually and musically, Beenzino’s like breaking new ground.


The very texture of the video almost borders on an animated quality, with its use of saturated colors and stop-motion like cinematography.

The metaphors, though, are the next best thing about this wise take on the music industry or just life in general.

We break our heads against a metaphorical wall because we think what’s on the other side will set us free, or give us happiness.

The highlight of the video is when Beenz looks through a crack in the wall and see cash, but then his friends look through the same crack and see women, glory, and oddly enough even Beenz appears on the other side when Black nut from #SMTM4 looks through the crack in the wall.


Like the drummer – is the solution to just walk away, and have a watermelon helmet (a sense of humor??) Idk… typing this I’m also looking through that very crack and banging all of me against that wall. Wanna know what I see….? What do you see?

Oh and the best thing… Beenz seriously mellifluous flow and rapping coupled with the dynamic production using live instruments that gives “Break” a rock-like feel.

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