So, on May 26, 2015, Big Bang dropped the news, like a rock, on their Facebook page announcing their North American tour, and their North American fans went wild with excitement. They made the announcement at 10 AM to be precise.

VIPs in North America!
This is the moment you have been waiting for… BIGBANG will be stopping by Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Newark, and Toronto on October for BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR ‘MADE’!
Ticket sale will begin on June 12th at 10am(EDT) so mark it on your calendar!
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Big Bang Made Tour

Now that the dust has settled, let’s look at some of these venues and their interesting situations.

So the Prudential Center in New Jersey makes sense, giving that Big Bang already perform there during their 2012 Alive Galaxy Tour. The Made concert in New Jersey will be held October 10-11. Has anyone noticed it’s two days! Back in 2012, due to popular demand YG was forced to add dates to the LA and NY/NJ shows when the tickets for the original dates sold-out in minutes.

Prudential has a capacity of 18,700, which interestingly exceeds Madison Square Garden (MSG) across the river in Manhattan by 500 seats and Barclays in Brooklyn by 600 seats. The 2012 concert at the Prudential on both days is reported to have attracted on average 24,000 fans.

Rest assured that capacity was not the selling point for YG on the Prudential Center. NJ is way cheaper than Manhattan and Brooklyn. Also, YG has experience with the Prudential Center. The only major professional team that plays at Prudential is the New Jersey Devils ice hockey team. MSG has the more prestigious New York Rangers Ice-Hockey team and New York Knicks. Barclays has the Brooklyn Nets.

Generic seating arrangement at Prudential Center
Generic seating arrangement at Prudential Center

So far, it all makes sense, but from here on out, it gets a little interesting in the choice of venues. The Made tour will be stopping in Los Angeles on October 3rd at the Staples Center, and then October 4th in Anaheim at the Honda Center. LA and Anaheim are practically the same stop. Anaheim is only 1 hour away from Los Angeles by car, which is pretty much the same time it takes to get from Brooklyn to the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

The Staples center, which is home to the LA Lakers and Clippers, at full capacity seats only 18,100 compared to the Honda Center, which seats over 18,300. The two West Coast 2012 Alive Galaxy Tour were held at the Honda Center. So, why is YG bothering to do a show in Downtown Los Angeles, when it would be way cheaper to just hold both shows at the Honda Center, like it did before?

It comes down to prestige. The last time a K-pop concert was held at the Staples Center was in 2010 during SMTown. Since, then even SMTown has gone to the cheaper Honda Center. The Honda Center is home to the Anaheim Ducks hockey team.

Las Vegas!? Now that’s interesting! Not since the 2011 Billboard K-pop Masters Concert has there been a major K-pop concert in Las Vegas. So why would YG figure to go there? It seems that every other K-pop artist coming to the States has been filming their music videos in Las Vegas, from Girls Generation to Big Bang themselves. So, who knows, maybe they noticed a growing K-pop loving population there. Many local residents, on social media have definitely voiced their approval.

The Las Vegas concert will be held at Mandalay Bay Events Center on October 2. The 2011 Billboard Kpop Masters Concert was held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The Mandalay Bay Events Center has a sitting capacity of 12,000. And, the MGM Grand Garden Arena has a capacity of 16,800.

Big Bang Made Tour - mandalay bay events center seating chart

This will be Big Bangs first foray into Canada. Given Epik High’s massive concert appeal, which no one predicted, it only makes sense that YG should include Canada in the Made Tour. There is only one concert date, in Toronto on October 13, at the Air Canada Center. The Air Canada Center is the home of the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and has a sitting capacity of almost 20,000. That’s a lot of K-pop fans. This is why YG chose to only have one concert in one city. Kevin Hart and Drake are currently scheduled to perform there on August 1st and June 2nd, respectively.

Air Canada Center Seating chart for Rihanna Concert
Air Canada Center Seating chart for Rihanna Concert

In the mean time, Chicago fan… our famous outspoken Chicago fans, are not happy. And, have let the world know through a petition, asking for their own concert. According to the petition:

BigBang is finally coming back stateside, but the tour locations don’t include any places in the middle of the country. Chicago and the surrounding areas have a booming Asian community, and the K-Pop scene is big. Adding a Chicago date to the tour would allow more people to see their kings without breaking the bank. It would also bring a lot of outside revenue to the city.

If it is to happen, YG will be looking at arenas similar to the one in Las Vegas, with about a 12,000 sitting capacity. At that, you can count out the home of the Chicago Bulls, The United Center, which has a seating capacity of 20,500. The only other decent option is the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois, close to where BTS will be performing on July 24th at the Rosemont Theater (capacity of 4,400). The Allstate Arena has a sitting capacity of 18,500. Although, this is similar to Prudential and Honda Center, the Chicago metropolis doesn’t come even close to having the kind of population density and fandom that YG would be targeting. And, as at publication, the petition has 170 signatories.

If it’s any consolation to our beloved Chicago fans, Chicago to Toronto by air is only about 1 hour and 30 minutes, which is even closer than New York City at over 2 hours. And, best of all, Toronto is only an 8 hour drive from Chicago. Best bet, at this time, is to start a Carpool thread on the Chicago Kpop fan page on Facebook.

Big Bang Made Tour - walking away

Note that concerts don’t use the full capacity of arenas. By the time the stage and backstage has been set up, the venue is down to about 80% its original capacity. So, for venues like in NY/NJ and LA/Anaheim, YG was mainly looking at venues with an average seating capacity of 18,000, and an estimated sold out crowd of 15,000. In Las Vegas, YG is expecting less than 10,000 fans, and in Canada less than 16,000 fans. In total, if all tickets get sold out on ticket sale day, which is 10 AM (EDT) on June 12, YG can expect a total of about 80,000 for the Big Bang North American Made Tour. However, it’ll probably be something closer to 70,000, which is indeed a very good day for YG. The 2012 Alive Galaxy Tour in LA and NY pulled about 48,000 fans in total.