Big Bang’s North American Made Tour has come to an end, hitting the big cities of the Unites States, Mexico and Canada. In total it is estimated that BigBang performed to 14,000 fans in Canada, 70,000 fans in United States, and 15,000 fans in Mexico.

BigBang New Jersey

The boys opened the show with “BANG BANG BANG”. Then performed mostly songs from their MADE singles such as “IF YOU”, “LOSER”, “SOBER”, but they also sang their hit songs such as “BLUE”, “HARU HARU” “BAD BOY” and “FANTASTIC BABY”. The individual members of Big Bang also did individual stages.

The Rollingstone Magazine published a comprehensive slideshow of 16 pictures on their website on October 13, showing pictures from the New Jersey shows with the title and caption:

Big Bang: See Explosive Photos of the K-Pop Crew Conquering the NY Area: The boy band sensation wraps their short U.S. tour

Big Bang The Muse, an online media outlet owned by ESPN ventures (and so Disney) published a post titled “BigBang: The Perfect Boy Band for 2015.” The article written by staff writer Rembert Browne said the following:

Sitting there in awe for the next five minutes, I couldn’t get over the song, their live spectacle, their moves, the crowd, and the overall eccentricities of each member….. Three songs into the show, I was completely sold on BigBang. And I had 16 songs left. But as my interest increased, it wasn’t really because of the songs (only a few words throughout this show were in English, just to give some idea of how good things have to be when you don’t know what is being said at you). To put in plainly, it’s because they are the perfect boy band for 2015.

This was Rembert’s first foray into K-pop, and it’s pretty clear he’s practically a fan boy now.

BigBang in MExico

Jon Caramanica of the New York Times, who’s been writing about Kpop since at least 2011, had this to say.

What’s happening is an extreme, intense, overwhelming Korean pop carnival, and at the Prudential Center on Sunday night — the second of two shows here… For about a decade, BigBang has been one of the most innovative and popular acts in the flooded-with-talent and always-in-flux world of K-pop. Nothing has derailed the band — not the occasional scandal, romantic or legal; not long breaks, like the years that pass between albums; and not the success of G-Dragon, the group’s breakout star.

The article appeared on the NYTimes website on October 12, as well as the cover of their Art section in the print edition on October 13, 2015, on page C1 of the New York edition with the headline: Following the K-Pop Playbook.

Big Bang The Muse

The Muse over at probably had the most seminal title with “Pyro, Confetti and Deep Lust with BIGBANG, South Korea’s Greatest Boy Band“. The writer named Julianne Escobedo Shepard expressed with such vigor:

I can rightly tell you that in my advanced age I have never seen a group nail being a boy band the way BIGBANG did, playing up each member’s individual strengths and personalities but also flawless when it came time to come together as a unit, whether on a Michael Jackson-inspired spin or a dramatic R&B harmony.

From Julianne’s review, its safe to say she’s adopted all of big bang and they now call her noona.

bigbang-fans-prudential-center Village voice

The iconic Village Voice also reviewed Big Bang’s show in New Jersey, calling it “K-Pop Kings Big Bang Fly To Seoul’s Soul To NYC.” The article, written by Maria Sherman was probably the most journalistic-ally balanced (so, not as entertaining as the others).

BIGBANG are arguably the biggest boy band in the world after One Direction, though there’s a high probability they’re unfamiliar to you. New York is lucky enough to find itself a city steeped in diversity, so you don’t have to look to far to find traces of them. But for most of the western world, they are, in fact, the biggest band that no one’s ever heard of.

It never once felt cluttered, a weird power BIGBANG may be alone in boasting. Are they the biggest band in the world that no one’s ever heard of? Definitely. Maybe that’s about to change.

BigBang will continue with their world tour by heading next to Australia, in Sidney on October 17-18 and then in Melbourne on October 21.
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