Anyone really familiar with the Big Shaq persona played by Michael Dappah, before he become world famous in October of 2017, knows that part of his skit has a running joke about how he’s expecting some “bursement” from a mythical “modeling ting” that never seems to work out. Well, those days are finally over.

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With the literal explosion of his “Fire in the Booth” with Charlie Sloth on BBC Extra, and for his single “The Ting Goes“, Big Shaq has been the hottest things to go viral and global, out of the UK.

And, regardless of the lyrics in “The Ting Goes”, he is very hot right now and in demand. From skits with Ed Sheeran, to award show appearances, the world can’t get enough of the Big Shaq.

So, now that the modeling ting has finally panned out, styled by @alizedemang and pictures by @misterollie, Big Shaq can now use the bursement from it to buy that ice he was shopping for over the summer, when he couldn’t find two pennies to rub together. Pow!

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