Big Bang is ba–nevermind, I’ve said that already. The July comebacks have kicked off the with part D of Big Bang’s MADE series. This time around, the two tracks are “Sober” and “If You.”

BigBang MAde Sober2

First up is “Sober,” the upbeat track of the two. The song has a more band/rock vibe to it than the previous releases, which were more hip-hop inspired. It’s easy to find yourself singing along to the LALALAs near the end of the song without thinking much of it, however, in contrast to the song’s lighthearted sound, it’s actually quite sad. The chorus says

“It’s hard for me to be sober
I can’t do anything
I hate being sober
I can’t fall asleep without you”

Who ever knew a breakup song could sound happy and catchy? Then again, it’s the underlying sadness of the song that makes it the gem that it is. There’s a strong drum beat throughout the song that is enhanced by the raps, yet doesn’t overwhelm the vocals.

The video is a quirky mash-up of visuals that actually convey a serious message. The money Seungri has during his beginning shots have “This Is Your God” written on them, which is corresponding with the lyrics (“If you only chase/after money, power and fame/Your crotch is gonna rip and you’re gonna fall”). Taeyang is trapped in a shower that fills with water and GD is in a field of beds he obviously hasn’t gotten any sleep in it.

Daesung is trying to write something, but it looks like his various attempts have yielded nothing. TOP…well, with this video (and some other recent one)  it seems as though he’s been given all permission to act like himself. Then again, this could be his story. After all, if it’s hard for him to be sober, he must be drunk and if he’s drunk…that explains a lot.
BigBang MAde If You

If You” has been marketed as the saddest song Big Bang has ever released. TOP’s singing voice (which can be heard in tracks like “Blue” and “She Can’t Get Enough“) makes a rare but much enjoyed appearance. The highlight of the song though, is Daesung’s powerhouse voice. I tried to be hard and not feel anything, but that boy brought a couple tears to my eyes. The one thing that kept me from completely giving into my emotions was GD in the chorus. Usually the nasal quality of his voice is okay, but which the mellow, cool tones of everyone else’s voices, GD stood out and not in a good way.

“If You” isn’t getting a music video as Papa YG wants the emotion of the song to speak for itself. He has a point but it’s still a bit of a let down.  However, you can still listen to the audio below and make up your own video in your head.

All in all, Big Bang gave the D and it seems like fans enjoyed it. The conclusion to the MADE series is just around the corner. I wonder what E will bring….

BTW,  TOP, who opened his first SNS account this year, had his own way of showing his excitement for the new release!

A photo posted by T.O.P (@choi_seung_hyun_tttop) on

(lyric translation for Sober)



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