The weight of their vocals tell the whole story – this is a swan song. A song of fairwell to their fans. A nostalgic song lamenting the passage of time. A fretful song fearful of an uncertain future. BigBang has come together for one “Last Dance,” as they prepare to take a hiatus for their respective military service enlistments.

Taeyang‘s voice is strong as always, and T.O.P.‘s is mesmerizing. G-Dragon really set the tone for the song at the beginning, closely followed by Seungri. And, Daesung as always held his own.

The ending of Last Dance is rather sudden, but the song is rather long at almost 5 minutes. However, time passes quickly as the boys of BigBang steadily drawl through the 13 verses and choruses. They are definitely pouring out their hearts to their fans.

Love that I thought would last forever
Has set
Now even my friends are leaving
Because I’m getting older
I guess I’m becoming an adult
Why am I so anxious?

People linger in the past again today
The world goes around just fine even without me
I’m still young, I’m still immature
Why am I such a fool?

Times that I was so happy
Even without anything
It seems like yesterday
But I came too far
I don’t remember it anymore

Because everything was for the first time
I was clumsy and filled with butterflies
Memories of those times are still like a dream
But where am I going right now?

As I sing this song
I will go back to you
If only I could see the beautiful you again
I will listen to this song with you
And have a last dance
Remember this moment
Until always
Just one last dance

You became a faint light
In between the stars
You became a star
And you beckon me
Do I seem lonely because I am alone?
Why are tears coming?

Times that I was so happy
Even without anything
It seems like yesterday
But I came too far
I don’t remember it anymore

See Pop!gasa for the rest of the melancholic lyrics.

The release of “Last Dance,” marks the end of an 20 month long journey of BigBang releasing their 3rd studio album called “MADE”. It was a project that commenced in May of 2015, and saw the 5 member group releasing 2 tracks every month off the 11 track album. However, due to the rigor of their world tour and other scheduling, the final release was postponed to now.

The full release of the Made album package includes: CD + Canvas Frame (1 Canvas/Random) + Booklet (Over 96pages/Composed of random group or members) + Photo Card (1 photo/Random) + Puzzle Ticket (1 Ticket/Random) + Puzzle Ticket Board + Double-sided Poster.

Along with Last Dance, BigBang also released the fun, colorful and lively “Fxxk It

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