The final piece of the puzzle has been revealed with the release of “E” from BIGBANG’s Made series. The past four months have been a roller coaster of anticipation and gratification, and now it’s finally complete with “Let’s Not Fall In Love” and “Zutter.”

BIGBANG - MADE SERIES [E] '우리 사랑하지 말아요

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Let’s Not Fall In Love” is a mid-tempo song, one of the more mellow tracks BIGBANG has released. The rappers take over the chorus in a surprising but welcome twist. The raps, when they come, serve as a way to keep the song upbeat. In other words, they make the songs just a bit more interesting. Something about the melody puts me in mind of “Love Dust” from the Alive album.

The song itself is actually really cute, talking about how the guy doesn’t want to fall in love just yet. He cites knowing each other very well as an excuse, but the real reason is that he’s just scared. Throughout the video, we see the boys on dates, hanging out and being adorable with their girl. It’s playful, as BIGBANG tends to be.



Zutter” also known as “Awesome” is the GD & TOP comeback everyone has been waiting for since 2010. The ‘double combo’ highlights the two things that they’ve become known for–being weird, and rapping. For me, TOP really shines. It seems as though the past 5 years have really given him a chance to hone his skills. As for GD…well, he’s GD. He seems to be having an upswing of confidence in his raps which goes well with the premise of the song. The song itself comes across as an upgraded version of “Knock Out.”


The mystery of TOP’s Instagram posts of pig butts has finally been solved, as the video follows the two through wild hijinks and a little bit of punishment in retaliation for them. The video is funny and weird and altogether something you would want and expect from GD & TOP.


Now that the series is finished, at least in terms of new releases, maybe we’ll get the chance to see the boys promote more around Korea. There’s also the BIGBANG MADE SERIES Tour that’s going on right now, so BIGBANG will be working for a very long time.


So tell me, what’s your favorite song from MADE?


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