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BIGBANG successfully wrapped up their splendid series of concerts worldwide.

Showing sincere gratitude to their fans, they will be celebrating the tenth year anniversary and promised the fans for another concert soon.

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Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

In their “MADE” world tour concert, they performed in 13 countries and 32 major cities with approximately 1.5 million fans that witnessed their epic performances. After such hectic schedule on their tour, BIGBANG held the last concert in their series on March 6 held at Olympic Park, Seoul Korea. The concert was simulcast live over Naver’s V app, that was seen by their millions of fans worldwide.


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During the concert, G-Dragon confessed to fans saying, “During the past ten years, there haven’t been only good days. There were bad days too, but I think we’re able to be here today in this spot because you were all there for us during those times, looking out for us and loving us.”

Seungri added, “Before the concert, we had a meeting with YG staff members. We’re going to hold a BIGBANG tenth anniversary concert this summer here in Korea in an outdoor venue.”

“In return for ten years of your love, we plan to make the tenth anniversary concert an epic day-long festival,” adds Taeyang.

Then Seungri posted a video on his Instagram after the show, together with all the other members saying, “We sincerely thank all the fans who’ve loved our BIGBANG ‘MADE’ tour. We’ll see you again at our tenth anniversary concert! Until then, goodbye!” Waving their hands goodbye was the group’s last video.

Two more members also posted to their Instagram accounts, Taeyang and G-Dragon giving their heartfelt thanks to their fans after the finished concert.


감사합니다. 사랑해요 ❤️

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