The beat is everything, in this solid release “What’s Up Hyung” from original khiphop OGs Bizzy and YDG.

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When hiphop legend Jay-Z shows us how its done – how to use a brass section in your beat – in “Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)…“, nothing else compares. And, I can’t help but compare (even if just so I can listen to that “dope” track again.), anytime I hear a brass-infused beat.

So, yeah, What’s Up Hyung doesn’t compare. In fact, I apologize to Jay-Z for bringing up his track.

And, I apologize to Bizzy and YDG, creative hyungs in their own right, in the khiphop space, as well. But, it was a noble effort.

Bizzy, a member of the khiphop collective MFBTY, just rounded out his judging debut on #SMTM6. While, YDG is a veteran judge of SMTM3. Both weren’t exactly thrilled with their respective experience with the khiphop show.

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