Block B, with 7 members, is normally considered a hip-hop inspired k-pop group. And, that’s in no small part due to the hiphop roots of the ultra creative group leader, Zico. But, probably with the increasing maturity of the members, from their longevity in kpop, they’ve done something different with the release of their latest comeback “Don’t Leave”.

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While most of their contemporaries have had some level of splintering, whether due to military service or situations with individual members, Block B has managed to stay as one unit through it all.

Some of the male groups that debuted with Block B in and around 2011, and have not been so lucky are Infinite, who lost a member in 2017 and seem to have been ignored by their parent company SM Entertainment for the past few years, until recently. Others, like Boyfriend, MIB and N-Sonic, are no longer active.

In their last comeback “Shall We Dance” Block B went for an international feel, to represent hiphop’s global appeal, even while still paying homage to its originators. The energy and vibe of that track, is a complete departure in “Don’t Leave.”

The vibrant outfits have been toned down, into black and serene pieces. The lively beat has been slowed down and transformed into essentially a ballad, and the colorful visuals is now monochromatic in the MV. Also, Zico has taken a backseat to the others. It’s a different side for Block B, which may be speak to their longevity.

With a large group they’ve matured enough not to let anyone outshine the group for too long, despite very successful individual projects. And, a large group also means they have a deep bench on which they can rely on for talent. Ultimately, their maturity has allowed them to set individual egos aside, for the good of the group.

During their TV broadcast comeback stages for “Don’t Leave”, their maturity as a group was evident. Most of the groups they were competing against were mostly young groups that debuted within the last 2 years, such as Momoland, The Boyz and TRCNG. And, given kpop’s inability to hold on to older kpop idols, especially females, it’s healthy for the industry that Block B used this comeback to highlight their maturity as a result of their longevity in the game.

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