In Block B, popular as they are in their niche, only Zico has successfully cultivated and maintained a distinct aura and identity separate from the group. For P.O, even though he’s gotten more exposure from their sub-unit Bastarz, this is actually his first time to shine in his own light. For that, he borrowed a few light bulbs from Bruno Mars in his solo debut “Men z Night.”

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Block B, in all their uniqueness, get there creative energy mainly from hip-hop. But, they’ve always managed to successfully put their own creative spin on things. Although, they’ve had a few very cringe-worthy and offensive moments, as in Zico’s Tough Cookie. But, from Nillili Mambo to Zero Conduct, they try to craft some level of originality. Even though the influences are unmistakable, like doing the Nae Nae in Zero Conduct.

Nothing really in his past suggest a distinct style from P.O. He’s however, extremely creative, and has several noteworthy songwriting credits to his name, including in Zero Conduct. In addition, he did release a mixtape in his early days as a member of Block B, notably including a single “Amino Acid” with Winner’s Mino.

However, it’s still no surprise, as it’s typical, in kpop to rely on tried and true cliches. And so, P.O completely and utterly riffs from Bruno Mars, particularly from Uptown Funk and 24K Magic., sonically and visually. Even though it’s well done, P.O’s solo debut, still comes off as a bit of a caricature. And, definitely cliche.

However, even Bruno Mars isn’t being original, but also completely borrows from previous artists, styles and genres’ originating in the African-America community.

As Steve Jobs said, or was it Picasso – “great artists steal.” And, so nothing wrong in borrowing from one who borrowed to begin with. Right Bill Gates?

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  1. The use cliche with kpop, is itself a cliche. But, if kpop keep releasing cliches, then we’ll continue writing about kpop and its cliches.