Block B‘s guesting on “Weekly Idol” gives audience a lot of fun.

Block B were the special guest on MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” on March 30 episode. It was their first guesting on the show for over two years now.

The group played one of the classic variety game which is the “mouth to mouth” wherein the members have to transfer the heart-shaped paper to each other by the use of heir mouths alone.

(c) Weekly Idol
(c) Weekly Idol

The game was a very funny one, and makes it even funnier when the heart-shaped paper slipped off between Park Kyung and Zico’s mouth and finally ended up touching each other’s lips.

Park Kyung also grumbled during the game after Zico kept pulling and pushing with each members. Actually this is Park Kyung and Zico’s second “kiss” after the two of them locked lips while acting out a fanfiction-type scene on “SNL Korea.”

Block B recently is set to return on April and to commemorate this, they pre-released a song on March 28 entitled “A Few Years Later” that topped several charts.


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