This is a BoA we haven’t seen in a while. Even when she did her last comeback called Camo, which also had a lot of dynamic dancing, it had a serious theme and essence. But, in this latest comeback called “Nega Dola”, even though she’s back with the dancing-machine moves and crew, BoA is decidedly playful and frivolously having a good time.

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BoA’s fashion style in the MV, also shows that playful side. For the most part, she’s wearing casual outfits, and her vibe is of not taking things too seriously. She’s even been promoting on TV shows with a similar casual style, wearing joggers, sweatshirts and a beanie.

In her own way, BoA was going for an urban theme with “Nega Dola”. It’s like a hiphop hybrid, along with a variety of styles, exclusive of the rapping and aspects of the beat. Parts of the MV actually has G-Dragon undertones, albeit incredibly toned down, when she’s in the deep red room dressed in that sensual blue outfit, with large Afro puff balls on her hair.

BoA has a lot of wardrobe changes in this MV. At least 5 outfit changes, by my count. Also, she probably had as many hair style changes, too. From small bantu knots to the large afro puff balls, all the way back to a perm, it’s all BoA’s hair.

“Nega Dola” goes from zero to 60, at the beginning of the track, really quickly, like a Tesla Roadster. And, the music also follows the same thematic intersectional and transitional elements we see in her hair and fashion style in. From the spanish-style guitar strumming at the beginning, to the pop influences, to the little EDM that managed to work its way in, then add in the urban R&B texture, and of course hip-hop. It’s all rolled up into one luxurious cornball MV. And, I don’t mean that in a bad way. It was just quite a lot packed into 3 minutes. Well, she is the queen of kpop.

To help celebrate her new comeback, BoA posted a picture on Instagram with her special friend, Yunho.

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