The long-awaited full music video of boy group Romeo’s new song “Miro” is finally out. Romeo were also successful with their previous song, titled “Nightmare”, which was released May of this year. “Miro” is the title track of their similarly titled 3rd mini album.




“miro” means “maze” in Korean. In the music video, the members look for clues so that they can get out and escape. Minho of SHINee also makes an appearance in the video, acting as the one controlling the maze.

Romeo showed some amazing choreography this time around, showing a lot of improvement compared to their previous comebacks. The setting of the music video is a fantasy world. The boys dance in a human-sized chessboard, while they’re being controlled by Minho with his crystal ball. The members have to find the missing crystal letters that spell “MIRO” in order for them to get out.



The song “Miro” talks about a guy who’s trapped in a fantasy with a certain girl. This song has very adult-themed lyrics, showing Romeo’s transition as they grow from being young boys to grown-up adults. The song also has a fast and dreamy beat and the boys sing it in a very bright way.


Watch Romeo‘s new video for “Miro” here:


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