Boyfriend’s back! On August 9, Boyfriend dropped their latest music video for “Star”, the title track of their fifth mini album “Never End”. In the video, Boyfriend go searching for their special someone, the star in their life.

Watch Boyfriend’s new music video for “Star” now:

The music video for “Star” begins with a shocking and saddening accident, when Boyfriend get hit by a car in the gas station. The same gas station then turns into one of Boyfriend’s dance sets, with the stars in the night sky visible above them.

Boyfriend reach out to the stars in their choreography, in this sad yet emotionally powerful ballad track. In another dance set, spotlight-like rays shine down on Boyfriend, as they continue to reach upward and their moves match the vocals and depth of the song.

Boyfriend are seen going through a shining door-like entrance to the constellations several times, and a couple of members make it to the other side: a floating room surrounded by the stars.

Boyfriend then finally find her, the star in their life. With flowing tears, Boyfriend put their arms down to rest, at peace at last, the stars above and the rays of light slowly fading away.

Boyfriend haven’t been performing in the Korean scene for a while now, as their last Korean single before this one, “To My Bestfriend” was released in May 2016. Boyfriend’s return to the stage just made the day of all of Bestfriend, Boyfriend’s official fandom, with the Starship boy group having focused on their activities and schedules in Japan for a good chunk of 2016.

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