BP Rania are going all in on their latest comeback with “Start a Fire”. This week on January 9, BP Rania released a dance practice and mirrored choreography video for their newest hit track. KBS and MBC have also posted last week’s TV performances for “Start a Fire”. Check all of the new stuff out below.

In BP Rania’s dance practice video for “Start a Fire”, the choreography opens up with six members of Rania rocking their new moves while singing to the catchy beat. Midway through the video, Alex makes her appearance – delivering her epic rap break with a smooth and steady flow, as her fellow members dance around her. Rania then unites as a whole to sing and perform the moves together, to complete the performance.

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BP Rania also rolled like this – six members opening and Alex smoothly moving in with her rap, and later coming together, similar to the “Start a Fire” music video – on the music shows they’ve appeared in so far, KBS Music Bank and MBC Show! Music Core. In Rania’s TV performances on the weekly music shows, fans and viewers get to see close-up individual member shots going in, and full group shots panning out.

rania-start-dance-2BP Rania made their “Start a Fire” comeback a few days before New Year’s Eve, dropping the music video on December 30. Rania also greeted fans and viewers a Happy New Year’s in a special video released shortly afterward.

Watch Rania’s new dance practice video for “Start a Fire” now:

Check out BP Rania’s TV performances of “Start a Fire”:

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