Brand New Music has been doing quite well recently, especially with regards to Verbal Jint in some major collaborations – Taeyeon and Lim Kim, and then BumKey being acquited of the drug charges. Also, BNM tend to be quite tight knight, in that they often release music together and tour together. An epic collaboration they did, is the Brand New Music anthem called “You Make Me Feel Brand New.”

BNM tour pic

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Anyways, BNM has decided to add some profanity into the title of their next epic collab. The collaboration is between Verbal Jint, San E, PHANTOM, P-TYPE, Eluphant, the ‘green’ MC Gree (aka Kim Gu Ra’s son), ‘Unpretty’ contestant Kitti B, Champagne, and DJ Juice. They are calling it “BRAND NEW SH*T”

The track which will drop December 9 has some rather interesting and eclectic sounds to it. It will be interesting to see how it all comes together with all the talent involved. I’m hoping for a really long track, like 5 minutes – if it’s really good. But, honestly, it’s probably never going to be better tha the “You Make Me Feel Brand New” collab. Check it out below.

And, also check out the Brand New Music tour when they came to the United States in 2014.

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