For up to four hours, the artists of Brand New Music thrilled fans on December 12 in Seoul at their annual family concert, “Brand New Year 2015.” Included in the line up were San E, Kanto, MC Gree, Verbal Jint, Hanhae, KittiB, Jace, P-Type and others. In total 16 artists performed.

brand new music family

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“Brand New Year 2015” was held at the KBS Sports World in Seoul. According to those who attended, the concert environment was very relaxed with minimal security, and the audience were allowed to get really close to the stage.

brand new music heat it up

Also performing were Basik and Blacknut from SMTM4 and the hip-hop unit from Seventeen (S.coups, Vernon, Wonwoo and Mingyu).

Opening the show was a performance from DJ Juice, and then rap duo Eluphant. Next up was Miss $, followed by Phantom, and then Later P-Type would fill the the arena with his heavy lyrics.

brand new year 2015 concert 2

Other performers were newbies MC Gree and KittiB, Kanto, Yang Da-il, and Candle. It was after this that Bumkey would then hit the stage to perform a medley of “My Everything,” “The Lady,” “Don’t Be Happy,” “Walking in the Rain” and “Home.” He also performed a yet to be released track.

brand new year 2015 concert

San E and Verbal Jint closed the night out, with San E giving an explosive performance, while Verbal Jint held the crowd captivated.

To finish things off, all the artist of the hip-hop label got on stage and performed their end-of-year collaborative projects, “Brand New S***,” “You Make Me Feel BRAND NEW” and “Brand New Day.”

brand new year 2015 concert 6

Pictures from Kpop/Korea Herald.

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