On August 16 KST, Brand New Music released the making film of collaboration song “Eyescream” by rapper Hanhae and Jung Eunji from girl group Apink.

The song “Eyescream” is a hip-pop song that compares sweet love between a couple to keywords such as summer and ice cream. Hanhe’s agency, Brand New Music stated “The unique rapping of Hanhe and smooth vocals of Jun Eunji create perfect chemistry. Please look forward to the release of the new song.”

The making film features Hanhe and Rapper Jung Eunji introducing each other. They both find out that are from Busan. Towards the middle of the clip, it reveals a highlight part of “Eyescream.” From what’s been revealed, the song has a very sweet, soothing sound.


Fans are excited to hear the news of this collaboration, especially because this is Jung Eunji’s first duet with a hip-pop artist. According to a representative of Brand New Music, “Eyescream” could be just as successful as San E and Raina’s “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness.”

Check out the making film of “Eyescream” and share with us what you think of Hanhe and Eunji’s chemistry.

Teaser of “Eyescream” below

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