It’s not the first time around, for BrandNew Music to try its hands at debuting a boy group. But this may be the right-time around – if that makes sense – with the debut of MXM with single “I’m The One.”

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BrandNew Music, founded by rapper-turned-CEO Rhymer, is known more as a stable of industry mavericks like Verbal Jint and San E, who’ve carved their niche as solo artists. What they’ve not had as much success with, is groups.

Not that BrandNew Music has not had any success with groups, at all. Just limited. The last time they tried the concept, they bandied together veteran RnB soloist Bumkey with some talented new blood, like Kanto to form Troy.

Troy debuted on March of 2014 with Green Light, and was well received by the fans. After that, they only had one more comeback “Why Are We,” in October of 2014.

However, what likely did the group in, was in December of 2014, Bumkey, who was the main vocalist and leader, suddenly found himself in the Korean justice system’s crosshairs for a drug offense.

The charge wasn’t just for usage, like we’ve seen with BigBang’s T.O.P and Yoon Cheol Jong of 10 CM. The charge was for drug dealing, and it carried some serious jail time.

In addition, all this was coming not long after a very successful U.S tour, where Bumkey and Kanto, opened for Verbal Jint, In May of 2014.

Thankfully, Bumkey managed to beat the charge, in April of 2015. He’s subsequently released a full length album, called U-Turn in June of 2016, with singles like Surprise and “Amazing Grace,” underscoring the close shave and the ordeal.

Beyond that, the other members have not been heard from much. Occasionally, Kanto has released or collaborated on a track, like “Flower” with S.E.S Bada. However, he’s basically laid low in recent months, and has not even auditioned on Show Me The Money, a show he would actually be well suited for.

Taking the lessons from that experiment, it appears BrandNew Music went back to the drawing board and produced MXM. A group of 2, Im Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun, both of whom participated in Produce 101, Season 2.

MXM, also known as Brand New Boys, released their debut single as part of an EP, title Unmixed. The mini-album has 7 tracks, including “Good Day” and “I Just Do”.

BrandNew Music will hold their next family concert, called “Brand New world Seoul, on September 22nd. MXM is expected to perform.

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