You’ve seen girl group Brave Girls rocking their high heels on their latest music video for “High Heels”. It looks like Brave Girls have another eye candy surprise in store for their fans. Besides the original music video, Brave Girls also released a dance version of “High Heels”, this week on June 27.


“High Heels” is the title track of Brave Girls’ similarly titled 3rd mini album. Fan will enjoy this version, what with the girls being full of energy and showing off a lot of their dancing skills, leg and hip rolling in particular. The girl group also show their charms with their flirty movements.

Brave Girls also held their first live performance of “High Heels” on the same day as their latest release, on June 27, getting a positive feedback from their audience. “High Heels” features a fun-filled choreography, and the song has a very catchy chorus that fans say has the potential to go viral.

Brave Girls’ third mini album features a total of five new tracks, including their previous single “Deepened”, released last February. When the group were guests on a talk show, the members shared how hard it is to land a spot on the music charts.

Member Hyeran shared: “It’s changed a lot in the past 4 years. Back then, if you released an album, then you ended up on the charts, but these days, it’s not easy. The atmosphere at music shows has changed too. After our ‘Deepened’ promotions, we’re trying to let go of our greed.”




Brave Girls were asked about their plans for promoting their new album, to which they replied: “If our music video surpasses 500,000 views, we plan on releasing a special clip. Please look forward to it.” The group were also asked what would the members do if they took home first place on a music show. Brave Girls said: “It would be best if we went along with what our fans and the public want us to do.”


Watch the dance version of Brave Girls’ latest video for “High Heels” here:


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