Not many male singers occupy that sweet spot between rock and pop, as well as Adam Levine from Maroon 5 does. And, with each new release Stevie B Wolf continues to show that he may have those same coordinates dialed in.

The Brooklyn artist has now released the 3rd single called “Flights,” as part of a series he calls “Dorado,” where he’ll release a song a month.

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Stevie B Flight 3

“Flights” unlike the last two singles in the series, takes a more pensive approach as Stevie B Wolf explores a different type of emotion. Which, ultimately shows that his human experience does not impede his artistic expression, and vice-versa.

At the single’s release on Play Too much, Stevie B Wolfsays”
“‘Flights’ is the most intensely personal and honest song I’ve written in a long time. The song came to me while climbing the staircase to an apartment I really didn’t want to enter.”

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