Brotherhood’s latest track, Long Distancebrings verse after verse from emcee after emcee. It’s absolutely ridiculous. This is one of the nuttiest line-ups we’ve ever seen and generates endless hype for their upcoming project, FLVD.

The visuals aren’t anything particularly artistic. The camera just follows whoever’s currently spitting and occasionally cuts with the snare in the beat. Introductions for the MCs are dope though. The video cuts to who’s delivering the next verse with their handle floating next to them. Again, nothing too fancy. The real hype lies in what you’re hearing.

Like we said, Long Distance features a seriously stacked line-up. In our humble opinion, the weakest element of the song is the hook – and that’s not even terrible. You can hear the relatively common trap-esque drums layered with some chimes. Overall, it’s a beat perfect for the aggressive styles of the featured artists. Each artist has their own unique flow, yet also are able to seamlessly go from one to the other. We personally thought the chorus seemed to smother the song a bit – nothing too horrible though. Definitely let us know what you’re thinking.

Full disclosure, we totally slept on Kamakaze. How wrong of us. He absolutely destroyed this track. He admittedly has a slightly spacier flow and a shorter verse, but only to his advantage. His voice consistently hits all the right accents (no pun intended) and blends with the instrumental flawlessly. Don’t make our mistake.

Brotherhood consists of two MCs: Blaze and Menace from the town of Ipswich, England. They’re two seriously talented emcees bound to make waves in UK Rap and grime. Look out for their upcoming album, FLVD.

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