Brown Eyed Girls member and solo artist Gain is also making her comeback this month. Today September 6, Gain released the first preview and music video teaser of her new song “Carnival”. Gain will release the first part, titled “End Again”, of her new album this week on September 9.

Toward the end of August last month, Gain announced her comeback and released image teasers of her upcoming concept.




In the preview video, Gain is covered in a veil, as she is posing nude, lying down surrounded by flowers and shattered glass on all sides. A message, “More Beautiful Than Death”, appears as the classical and dreamlike background music continues to play.

The first part of the new album that Gain is releasing this week on September 9, titled “End Again”, will feature “Carrie” and “Carnival” as highlight tracks. The second part, “Begin Again”, will be released at a later date.




Gain made her previous comeback last year in March 2015, when the solo artist released her fourth EP Hawwah”, with double title tracks “Apple” and “Paradise Lost”.


Watch the preview of Gain’s upcoming video for “Carnival” here:


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