Bryan Deister, hailing from Redondo Beach, California, dropped a very ambitious release in the form of his new album “Spines of the Heart”. Music fans who are fond of experimental rock/electronic fusions like Radiohead’s “King of Limbs”, classical music-influenced tracks in the make of Kurt Cobain’s, and dark and emotionally penetrating music, will love this album.

The rock/experimental rock record full of brooding and reflection, released digital last December 2015, has already won a silver medal at the 2016 Global Music Awards. The day when the long-awaited physical release will come out will be announced soon. With “Spines of the Heart”, Bryan Deister is now in the musical ranks of Thom Yorke, Roger Waters, Kurt Cobain, Bjork, and Jeff Buckley.

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Bryan Deister’s “Spines of the Heart” will truly take you on a dark, emotional, and deeply powerful musical journey – as your listen takes you along the 80-minute, 22-track double LP. Scroll down below to get the album on Soundcloud playing, and come back up – the masterful sounds and tunes will really get you feeling intense and broodingly calm at the same time.



“Spines of the Heart” Double LP Track List:

  1. All That I Have
  2. Responding Well-produced
  3. In Her Eyes
  4. Have You
  5. Silent Screams
  6. Approaching
  7. Brighter Dawn
  8. Into the Sky
  9. Gone
  10. Come
  11. Today
  12. Nobody Angel
  13. Wait
  14. Emily
  15. What You Want
  16. The Bread
  17. Always Further
  18. Seven Eight
  19. Nothing More
  20. Sure
  21. Vacant Eyes
  22. Apart of Me


Bryan is a classically trained musician currently based in Boston, studying and working hard at the Berklee College of Music – where he earned a Writing and Composition Scholarship. He’s also trained in jazz, blues, progressive rock, and modern music. Bryan believes in expressing himself through his music with absolutely no limits or constraints whatsoever – no covers necessary for this artist.

Bryan decided a long time ago that creating dark, well-written, and thoughtful music was his calling in life, producing hits in the mold of Nirvana, Weezer, Voltaire, My Bloody Valentine, and many others. Taking writing music seriously, Bryan then ventured off from classical and jazz, into the 20th century style composition techniques of John Cage, John Lennon, and more to craft his musical style and production.

Bryan shared:

“Hopefully after Berklee I will continue to improve in all facets and be able to write interesting music without starving.”


Bryan personally took charge of almost all aspects of production – the Music and Lyrics, Instrumentation, Vocals, Recording and Mixing, and the Cover. The Mastering, the one exception to Bryan’s leadership of the creation, was handled by Bernie Grundman. “Spines of the Heart” goes to show that Bryan indeed writes, sings, and composes all of his music. He also rocks the chorals, polyrhythms, and other unique instrumentation like the funk banjo and rice percussion. Check out his website at, too.


Get Bryan Deister’s “Spines of the Heart” double LP on iTunes here.

Listen to Bryan Deister’s double album “Spines of the Heart” album now, via Soundcloud:

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