This is a passionate delivery as can only be delivered by the ballad-royalty K-pop group, BtoB. Born indeed to-beat, the 7 member boy group have made another superb comeback in their new single “I’ll Be Your Man.

With a major production, the MV is as visual as the vocals are moving. The boys move through different scenes and scenarios, including a military base, using different outfit changes and make-up embellishments. In addition, there are some epic camera tricks utilized, such as when the camera dramatically shows one of the boys rapidly falling, and also does a nice trick with the moon when one of the members is staring at it.

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All of these different visual concepts increase the essence of the message delivered in the song lyrics.

Please give me one chance
Please don’t leave me alone
I can’t breathe no more
Please come back to me
I’m gonna hold you tight and
I’m praying to the sky

“I’ll Be Your Man” is the lead single from BtoB’s 9th mini album called “New Men,” and features one of the members from their sister group, CLC. The group debuted under Cube Entertainment in 2012. They also recently performed at KCon 2016 in New York.

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