Boy group BTOB just debuted their first sub-unit, BTOB Blue. Today September 19, BTOB’s main vocalists formed BTOB Blue and released their first music video as a sub-unit, for “Stand by me”.




BTOB Blue’s new song “Stand by me” is a deep emotional ballad with a soft tone, featuring the piano and other instruments, shining a light on the strong vocal talents of each member, that was composed by the renowned Black Eyed Pilseung.

The song shares the members’ yearning for their lover from the past to come back to them and stay by their side.

The producer team quickly gained prominence after the songs they composed, like “Like Ooh-Aah” and “Cheer Up” from Twice, and “Touch My Body” and “I Like That” by Sistar, grew to become chart-topping hit songs.




BTOB, as a full group, made their latest comeback last March 28, with their release of their eighth mini album “Remember That”, and their music video for the similarly named title track “Memories of That Spring Day (Remember That)”.


Watch the first BTOB subunit BTOB Blue’s first video for “Stand by me” here:


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