On BTS’s first official concert in these United States, on the second day of KCON 2014, they snapped their legs, whipped their necks, and hunched their backs to some of the most bone-cracking, whipper-snapping choreography in Kpop. They were the first K-pop idol act of the night, and Girls Generation ever so seductive, sultry and coy, closed the concert.

KCON 2014 Girls Generation SNSD-2

Advertisement: YesStyle.com image and link

Advertisement:YesStyle.com image & link

Girls Generation, also known as SNSD, performed in their cutesy uniformed outfits for the Mr. Mr. concept, a dress that looks like a marriage between a tuxedo and a French maid’s dress. The adorable ladies did something for their adoring fans that’s probably never been witnessed before, at least of recent memory. Halfway through their performance, Tiffany, being the only fluent English speaker commandeered the mic and urged the girls to sing a verse from their debut single, “Into The World” to their fans in honor of their 7th anniversary, a capella! A little surprised at the impromptu request, Tiffany had to prompt Taeyon to start them off, at which the other girls joined in perfect harmony. A fan said at the end, “they don’t showcase their vocals enough.”

KCON 2014 Girls Generation SNSD-4

BTS performed “We are Bulletproof” in a choreography that’s as sharp as the cracking of a whip, and had the fans in a frenzy. With BTS fan-made posters lining the walls at the upper level of the arena, the Bangtan Boys led by Rap Monster put on blast the future of Korean hip-hop.

KCON 2014 BTS -3

In between the performances from the resolute BTS and the alluring Girls Generation, were Jung Joon Young, CN Blue, and SPICA. Jung Joon Young at the end of his set paid tribute to the king of pop, Michael Jackson. He performed MJ’s “Black and White”, and was joined on stage by BTS’s Rap Monster. Rap Monster wore a white suit that was in sync with his blonde blow-dried mohawk mane, and Joon Young wore a black suit to complete the concept of the song.

KCON 2014 Rapmonster and Jung Joon Young-1

SPICA, in a mesmerizing choreography performed their new U.S. single “I did it”. Ironically, the song entirely in English belies the fact none of the girls actually speak English; an exceptional idiosyncrasy in Kpop. Kpop artists do not let language barriers prevent them from taking their music to the fans.

KCON 2014 Spica-3

Mnet’s MCountdown at KCON 2014 was two nights of tantalizing performances from B1A4, G-Dragon, IU, Teen Top, Vixx, BTS, CN Blue, Girls Generation, Jung Joon Young and SPICA.

KCON 2014 Girls Generation SNSD-7

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