BTS are making their next comeback soon! From August 11 to 12, BTS revealed a series of posters with the theme “Love Yourself”, reportedly related to the comeback that they’re planning to make this September.

“Love Yourself” will be BTS’ next comeback series, just like their latest series, the trilogy “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”, from back in 2016. Part 1 of BTS’ “Love Yourself” series is coming out next September.

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Without further ado, check out BTS’ “Love Yourself” posters now. There’s one poster per member, with some great scenery and lines that build on each other to tell the story that will be fully revealed soon: [translation credit: Soompi]

Jungkook: “The direction that my heart points towards, the day that I begin to want to run to that place.”

Suga: “Don’t come near, you’ll become unhappy.”

Jimin: “I lied. Because there’s no way you’d love someone like me.”

Rap Monster: “I look only at your back. Because it’s not the time now.”

V: “Would you not have left? If I had made a different choice.”

J-Hope: “If you shine, then I’m alright.”

Jin: “If I could turn back time, I want to be the greatest man in the world.”

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