I see we have a lot of people interested in this event coming up in two months time, so I wanted to update you guys on things you should know and where you can get information from to always be updated.


Bangtan Boys just finished their TRBinUSA tour and I know a lot of you guys didn’t get the chance to see them, because tickets were gone very fast, just like how these tickets went fast as well. Here is some good news for you, MORE TICKETS HAVE OPENED UP FOR ALL CITIES EXCEPT FOR ATLANTA! We know these shirts won’t last long, it’s BTS we are talking about and they are in very hi demand.

bts hlt2

I hope you guys have your money saved in hopes of something like this will happen. I know some of you don’t use Twitter but it is imperative that you use it, if you are interested in this event!

There are new members to the team who is helping Nadia out with answering fans questions in regards to this event.

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These are the various tgm twitters that you can follow to stay up to date with frequently asked questions and new information that will come out as the show gets closer.





The locations has not been giving yet, I know we are all trying to figure out where this event could possibly be happening, but with more shirts opening up that means that the venue needs to be able to accommodate all that is going. Patience is all I can say right now for this information, it would be a shame if they have a location booked and then it cant hold all the people that will be going to the event.

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Key information about the VIP pass and secondary pass you can get.

There will be three tiers of passes:

1. $150 VIP Pass –> Group Photograph Pass + Autograph Session Pass + Early Entrance (300 passes available)
2. $100 Autograph Session Pass Only (100 passes available)
3. $50 Group Photograph Pass Only (100 passes available)

Those are available for each city. If you happen to miss this chance with TGM Events themselves, you can try and get from Community54.

Another 200 passes (100 Autograph, 100 Photograph, NO VIP) will be available through another promotion run by Community54. You will be required to purchase a certain amount from them to get those passes.

Passes that weren’t sold last week are being sold at 1pm PDT. TO GET ANY OF THESE PASSES, YOU MUST PURCHASE A SHIRT FIRST!!!

I will let you in on a secret, if you do manage to get the shirt and get an email about the pass that you want, you will only have like a couple days to pay for it, or else it will go to someone in the waiting list. Get your money together so you don’t miss this opportunity.

Also only sign up on one form, the first batch they did I noticed that a lot of people signed up multiple time to ensure they get what they want, but that just makes more work for them to go through all the sign ups. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL! BTS is definitely worth seeing live, even if this isn’t a full concert, I’m sure you will still have an amazing time.
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