This summer BTS will be joining Block B, rookie girl groups Gfriend and Twice, and long-running acts CNBLUE and Girls’ Generation-TTS in Los Angeles. Not only are BTS the headline act of this year’s KCON NY stop, the group will also be leading KCON LA as the event’s headline act. Both events will be happening this summer: KCON LA will be taking place in the Staples Center and Los Angeles Convention Center from July 29 to 31, and KCON NY will be at the Prudential Center in New Jersey from June 24 to 25.

The announcement came on Thursday at 10 PM, PST, outside of the usual artist announcements on the Kcon twitter live updates.




KCON started in 2012 in California and has since grown into the world’s foremost and largest Korean music and culture festival. In the venue are a variety of staple cultural exhibits, featuring booths for K-pop choreography, Korean drama viewing, Korean food tasting, and more. The event has exposed many people and audiences from all over the world – from Los Angeles and New York in the United States, Japan, and this year, the Middle East and Europe – to many of Korea’s modern cultural treasures. Tickets for KCON NY will be available for purchase starting May 13, and tickets for KCON LA on June 3.




BTS recently released their special album “Hwayangyeonhwa, Young Forever” (“The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Young Forever”), with two editions “Day” and “Night”, and two new music videos for the songs “Epilogue: Young Forever” and “Fire”. The group will be holding a solo concert this week, titled “2016 BTS Live Hwayangyeonhwa On Stage: Epilogue”, from May 7 to 8 in the Seoul Gymnastics Arena.


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