BTS is back and better than ever. We know the 7 ┬átalented boys as funny, but have we ever seen a side as serious as this? Naver’s live broadcasting app ‘V‘ released a beautiful and well put together prologue. It was like a mini movie film. There are a few scenes throughout the video focusing on each member.

Scene 1: It starts out with V wiping blood off of himself.. He is in a depressed and fidgety state and eventually picks up the phone to make a phone call.


Scene 2: V appears laying on a mattress in the middle of a skate park and 5 members meet up with him. They all have smiles on their faces and Rap Monster grins as he helps V stand on his feet. Shortly after, Jungkook points out Jin, who has a camcorder along with a Polaroid camera the whole time in the video. They all play around, laughing, running, and dancing. Jin quickly appears on the screen filming the beautiful nature around him and a butterfly appears. As the butterfly is flying around a song plays in the back ground repeating the lyrics “Butterfly“. Throughout the video, V is shown to be possibly in a suicidal state of mind by always placing himself on top of tall heights.


Scene 3: Rap Monster appears breathing on a mirror to create fog and he rights something in Hangul.

Scene 4: a camp fire appears first. Some of the members are smiling while eating pretzels, others seem to have heavy things weighing their mind. Suga seems to be deep in thought as he plays with the lights in his hand. Jungkook blows out the fire from the match.



Scene 5: a truck is shown driving around freely on the beach. The members are having fun recording themselves on the beach and having competitive running races with each other. Jin takes a group photo and all of the boys gather around the truck.


Scene 6: the truck pulls up into a gas station and parks next to a pump. Rap Monster gets out of the care and begins to pump gas into the truck. He leans outside of the truck’s window and talks to Jin. He asks for the Polaroid camera and takes a picture of Jin and Suga. J-hope comes out of the gas station carrying a brown grocery bag and puts it in the back of the truck with Jimin. Jimin has fallen asleep and J-hope covers him up with a blanket.


Scene 7: Jungkook is seen gazing out into the ocean making a small telescope with his hand. He seems in deep thought as Suga comes and sits next to him. Suga knocks on the truck’s window telling all the boys to come outside with them. They all stand gazing out into the ocean.


There is a high construction stand placed by the ocean and V is shown glancing over at it. He gets up from sitting down with the rest of the group and walks over towards it. He begins to climb. The song “Butterfly” begins to play again. Jin looks over at V curiously and starts to film him. The members start to motion V to come down but V seems to already have had his mind made up. He give the members a slight smile, rubs his nose, and he began to run off of the construction platform straight into the ocean. “Butterfly” continues to play in the back ground. Scene 7 ends with V suspended in midair.

The film credits began to play and credit is given to the producers and many more people. Each member of course is mentioned in the credits as well as their new songs that will come out which includes “Butterfly”.


There is one last scene though. It’s of Jin siting in the car alone. He gets the picture that Rap Monster took of him and Suga at the gas station, but there is something different about the picture. Jin is the only one shown in it. Where are the other members?


Some assume that they all ended up dying and that Jin is the only survivor, but is that really the case? Others have came up with other assumptions. When Rap Monster breathed on that mirror in scene 3 he supposedly wrote “You to survive”. So maybe the concept is there is no “Bangtan Boys” if there are not 7 members. It’s all or nothing.

At this moment though, none of us know for sure what the official story is. I guess we will have to wait for part 2 of the prologue.

What do you think happened to the other members? Do you think they are alive or that they died?

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