Boy group BTS are making a comeback in the coming months. This week on September 7, BTS released a video titled “‘Wings’ Short Film #3 Stigma”, the third such release after “#2 Lie” and “#1 Begin” were released earlier this week.




The short films are a preview of BTS’ new concept for their second album “Wings”, which will be released before the end of the year. BTS member V is the star of the short film “#3 Stigma” , while “#2 Lie” focus on Jimin and “#1 Begin” featured Jungkook.




BTS made a comeback earlier this year in May, when the boy group released “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever”. BTS’ first compilation album featured three music videos for the songs “Epilogue: Young Forever”, “Fire”, and “Save Me”.


Watch all the “Wings” short films that BTS have released so far here:

#3 Stigma

#2 Lie

#1 Begin


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