Suga from group BTS released his very first mixtape album “Agust D” accompanied by a MV for the title track “Agust D” on August 16, KST.


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Suga’s mixtape really shows the kind of music he wishes to pursue as a solo musician. The music is completely outside the frame of his group BTS and features Suga’s own music style. The name “Agust D” comes from DT and Suga written backwards. DT was the name of the hip-pop crew from his hometown Daegu before joining BTS as a member.

In the music video for “Agust D,” Suga appears rapping to a fast beat with an overlay of his fierce rapping. In the beginning, Suga is tied up to a chair and struggles to be free. He eventually sets himself free and steps outside. The process of acquiring freedom portrayed the music video seems to portray how Suga feels about releasing his own music for the first time since his debut in 2013.Suga_Mixtape


Suga mentioned that releasing this mixtape marks off one item from his bucket list. He hopes to produce more music and share with his fans and hip-pop listeners.

The full mixtape album contains ten tracks filled with Suga’s stories about his journey as a musician and his current state of mind. Listeners can enjoy Suga’s higher tone of voice, dynamic beats, and confident delivery through “Agust D.”

Watch Suga’s MV of “Agust D” and share your thoughts below!
Caution: use of vulgar language and mature content

Here’s the link to full mixtape album on SoundCloud

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