‘Bumkey’ gives a “SURPRISE” with help from Beenzino


Bumkey dropped out-of-this-world video for new track “Surprise” featuring Beenzino. On April 27 KST, the singer graced the world with a video for a touching song where he tries to give a girl the stars. The song is from his full-length album U-Turn released in January 2016. The album consists of eleven tracks plus the instrumental for the title song “Surprise”.


Looking at the translated lyrics, we see a man trying to show gratitude to his lady.

“You have the right to be loved, more than anyone else
because you’ve been
the best girl for me
I know that
cause I got my love
to keep you warm
tonight is all for you”

Throughout the song, both artists declare it’s “for you”. The singer admits to all the things she has done for him and how happy he is that they are together. He also wants to thank her. So, he’s giving her everything he can in return – including this song.


The video shows a woman walking into a club and straight to the bar. The bartender is wearing the same hat as Bumkey and it is believed that they are the same person. The bartender places a few things on the table including a stone that doesn’t look normal. The woman touches the stone and sees something, gets disoriented and attempts to leave.

Watch the video below to see what else happens.


Kwon Ki-bum, known as Bumkey, is a South Korean R&B singer under Brand New Music. He made his musical debut in 2010 as part of the hip hop duo 2winS and is currently a member of the Korean hip hop and R&B quartet Troy.

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