After the serious vibes contained in ‘Letter to Krept’ last month, Cadet‘s most recent jam ‘Uber Everywhere‘ showcases his unquestionable versatility.

To fully enjoy all that this freestyle has to offer, it should be listened to in conjunction with the video, as the feel-good air to the tune is pushed to the next level when watching the way Cadet and cousin Krept (who is behind the camera) bounce off of each other.

The Clapham-native provides the perfect mix of comedy and sick lyrics on the track. After getting turned down by a girl he was attempting to chat up in the vid, he turns to the camera and declares ‘Anyway she didn’t count cuz it smelled like 7AM in her mouth, I can still move to any girl don’t doubt, don’t doubt’.

Try to watch this vid without cracking a smile. I dare you:


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