Prolific RnB and pop singer Charlie Puth went on social media to apologize to fans for the delay of his upcoming album called “Voice Notes.” To compensate for the delay he pre-released the audio of a single from the album, a mesmerizing collaboration with Boyz 2 Men called “If You Leave Me Now.”

Charlie Puth, who grew up in an average middle class home in New Jersey, in the social media post explained the reason for the delay. He expressed he was working on the album alone, including its production.

A pretty significant ordeal in itself, Charlie Puth has already established his prowess as a singer-songwriter. An indespensible quality that was made even more famous with how he created his last single “Attention.”

For that extremely popular single, which hit the top of the charts, he conceptualized the song by leaving himself a voice note, after a concert in Asia. From then on the rest was history.

It’s probably as a result of the hit Attention became that Charlie has chosen to try to produce an entire album, probably also from voice notes he’s been leaving himself.

In the promotional picture for the new album, which is in black and white, Charlie Puth sits up on a bed covered with white linen. Also, on the bed is a keyboard, on which there is a single key that is not monochromatically colored. The key is colored red, and has been identified as an E-flat, which is the same key he recorded the single “Attention.”

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Charlie was able to release the single with Boyz 2 Men ahead of time, because the track is entire acapella, with Boyz 2 Men providing the soothing harmonies to Charlie’s steady and adorable vocals.

Voice Notes is now expected to be released on January 19, 2018.

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