Husband and wife team Laura and Kenny Cash, also known as Che-Val, has released “Love Still Waiting,” a single from their upcoming Gone Mad EP, which is set to be released soon.


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As a powerful musical duo, Laura and Kenny Cash blend live orchestration with electronic synths to conjure their very own edgy sound. Composer and multi-instrumentalist, Kenny Cash produced Che-Val’s debut track “My Beat,” which is an homage to the ’80s and early ’90s. The song was released in August 2014 and reached number #55 on the Top 40 Mediabase Activator chart.


For their second single, “Don’t Give Up On Me“, Che-Val has partnered up with Team Hope to raise awareness and funds for those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease through music. All proceeds earned from downloads and streams will be donated to the National Parkinson Foundation ( “Parkinson’s is a hard disease to watch as a family member. The fact that there is no cure makes me feel helpless,” says Kenny Cash. The composer’s mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease on Christmas Eve nearly a decade ago. Singer Laura Cash says, “We always knew we wanted to do something positive with our music. The lyric really seemed to resonate with Kenny and it just seemed natural to pick something so close to home.”


The band’s provocative name was inspired by the couple’s first purchase together for their home: a Cheval, which is a large mirror that swings in a frame. Hence, the name mirrors their “support” for one another. Their music is also like the reflection that shadows yin and yang. While their song “My Beat” plays with the light, the group’s follow up release, “Gone Mad,” which hasn’t been released yet, centers in on the dark.  You can follow Che-Val on Facebook and Twitter.

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