Bangtan Boys in Sidney

BTS performed in Sidney, Australia on Friday July 10, 2015 to a packed house. Check out the pictures below and some fan reviews.

Australian A.R.M.Y had nothing but awesome things to say about the boys:

Sheridan B: It was mind blowing. Nothing tops it

Janney C: tbh BTS had things in the concert that I did not expect at all e.g the karaoke bit!

Lily W: ugh ikr ;; n ;; their english was so adorable and the energy that they put in (especially rapmon with cypher omg) and then god they’re so hotttttt

Bangtan Boys in Sidney2

Bangtan Boys in Sidney3

Bangtan Boys in Sidney4

Bangtan Boys in Sidney5

BTS will next be heading to Melbourne to perform on Sunday, July 12.

Images from SBS Pop Asia