Cheetah Pictorial3

The Unpretty Rapstar queen, Cheetah, recently posed for BNT, showing off her powerful feminine charisma in this chic pictorial. Displaying her own style and charm, with dynamic poses and in her signature short-cut and grand-eye makeup, she shows the perfect combination strength and style.

According to BNT she answered some questions afterwards saying about her new single ‘My Number’, “After appearing on ‘Unpretty Rapstar,’ there were a lot of people who changed their attitudes about me. I wrote the words I wanted to say to them in a fun way.”

About being a beauty model, she said “Since I enjoy makeup that cannot be done easily on a daily basis, they seem to have liked that. I care about makeup and fashion and there are days where I fail, but I still want to try various styles.”

Cheetah Pictorial2

Cheetah Pictorial

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