Cheetah, the nominally fierce female rapper from the first season of Unpretty Rapstar, is normally tough as nails. At least that is what her public persona shows. In her latest comeback “Stagger” she clearly is communicating to her fans a softer, vulnerable side, as well as an introspective self.

With a gentler and more delibrate flow, Cheetah raps over a smooth jazz influenced beat, where she lyrically explores her personal insecurities.

Shot largely on the streets of Los Angeles, visually Cheetah shows herself transform from a figurative hungry tiger in a brooding nala-ish lioness. The transformation is remarkable, because almost barefaced or wearing nude makeup, in short hair, and a lot less accessories, Cheetah is stunningly beautiful.

In allowing us to see this side of her, unvarnished, Cheetah shows her personal growth and maturity as a person, and she’s channeling that energy into her artistry. Although, the last scene suggests this is only a temprorary transformation.

But, no worries. As the philosopher Socrates said “the unexamined life is not worth living.” In being strong enough to show us this side of her, even if only one time, Cheetah encourages her fans to do the same. Take a break, and examine your day-to-day, for a better stronger self.

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