CL from 2NE1 has been focusing on crossing over to America, but she recently did a photoshoot with her sister Lee Ha Rin for WKorea. CL’s birth name is Lee Chaerin.

CL Sister Photoshoot WKorea

This was Lee Ha Rin’s first photoshoot, but she adjusted pretty quickly and came out looking great. Due to CL’s schedule primarily centered around being in America, this was probably a good way of spending time with her sister and creating some good memories.

CL Sister Photoshoot WKorea 4

CL Sister Photoshoot WKorea 3

CL Sister Photoshoot WKorea 2

Here’s a behind-the-scenes picture CL posted on Instagram. It really shows the resemblance of the sisters. And, like her sister, Lee Ha Rin is definitely very easy on the eyes.


The shoot was for the January Print Edition for WKorea.

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