CLC’s comeback is happening next week! Today on January 13, CLC revealed a preview of their upcoming EP “Crystyle” and its six tracks, in an audio snippet video. CLC’s next EP and new music video for the title track, “Goblin”, will drop in four days – on January 17.

Over the past week, CLC unveiled individual teaser images for all seven members. CLC will be releasing more content and teasers in the next few days. Major things to keep an eye out for are the music video teaser for “Goblin”, coming out on the 16th, and the full MV and EP on the 17th. CLC will also be holding a Naver V Live countdown on January 16 – if you’re a CLC fan and you’re free on that day, you’ll definitely want to join in the fun livestream with fellow fans and the CLC members.

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Check out the songs on CLC’s next EP “Crystory” now:


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