CLC are coming back soon! Over the past few days, CLC finally released individual teaser images for all 7 members, and the latest teaser is the track list of their fifth EP “Crystyle” – including six new tracks including the lead single, “Goblin”. CLC’s next EP and MV for “Goblin” will both arrive next week, on January 17.

CLC’s new concept for “Goblin” is darker, classier, and edgier – a huge departure from their brave and strong concept from their previous comeback for “No oh oh”, and even more so from CLC’s super cute concepts for their debut “First Love” and the comebacks that followed. Check out the CLC’s member teaser photos and the EP track list now:


CLC were most recently active in Korea, especially on the music show stage, last year in May – when Cube’s rookie girl group dropped their music video for “No oh oh” and their “NU.CLEAR” EP. CLC were active in Japan for most of the latter half of last year. We’re really hyped for CLC’s comeback and seeing their refreshing new concept next week – stay tuned for the music video teaser on the 16th, and the full MV on January 17.

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